Tommy, Riff & Virgil


⁣If only every tale of lust and betrayal were as beautiful and ended as happily as this one does, the world would be a much better place. It takes only a passing glance from handsome Riff Dornan to convince Tommy Clapton to sneak off on boyfriend Virgil for a secret tryst with the hung and horny Riff. Some guys are born cocksuckers and Tommy is definitely one of them as he gets Riff from soft to rock hard before ever laying a hand on Riff's thick boner.
Instead of being upset with his whoring boyfriend, Virgil seems genuinely delighted that the straying Tommy has managed to pick up such a prize, and pretty soon both of the Russians are chomping down on some thick Hungarian sausage. The boys certainly know how to treat a worthy dick, and soon it is not just their mouths, but their assholes as well that are working overtime on their devotion to Riff's cock

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