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Just Say Uncle – Our Secret Love – Jack Valor & Tanner Valentino

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Iron Pa (Part 1): Cole and Ty, known more commonly as Iron Pa and Dick Flair, find themselves in a sticky situation. Jailed and stuck behind bars, the hot-headed men have a hard time keeping from each other’s throats. These pro wrestlers only know ferocity and power, so their first instinct is to fight. But Ty reveals maybe he set this all up on purpose to have some alone time with Cole. They’re constantly tussling and wrapping their arms around one another, but they’ve never had time to explore each other’s bodies. The muscle studs get intimate, and it isn’t long before they’re kissing and have their cocks out. Ty slaps Cole’s tongue with his big cock, and pushes it far down his throat. Cole shows how tough he is and works hard to make Ty cum. Cole gives up his hole and bottoms. Ty loves being deep inside of his opponent and shows no mercy. The studs fuck with great intensity until they both shoot their creamy loads.

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