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Family Dick – Newfound Respect – Brody Kayman & Aaron Allen

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With his mom gone for the weekend, Aaron is stuck with his stepdad Brody for the weekend. Brody tries to play nice with his stepson and get along, but Aaron doesn’t want anything to do with the guy and secretly plans to sneak out in the middle of the night to go to a concert. However, Brody finds his ticket and confronts him about it. Aaron gets mad and snaps back at him, so Brody decides he’s had enough. It’s time to teach the boy some manners just like his own family used to with him. Furious, he tells Aaron to turn over and show him his ass. Aaron is surprised by the request and his stepdad’s newfound determination, so he decides to obey. Brody starts spanking the boy’s pale white ass, a punishment that secretly arouses Aaron. He never saw his stepdad in this light until now, so he is more than happy to obey him now if he gets to taste Brody’s thick meat. As Brody gets all dom on the boy’s ass, Aaron learns to respect him while getting his hole stuffed.

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