Dallen Cucks Chris

Corbin Fisher
Corbin Fisher

⁣One of these days Chris is going to get to be the one doing the cucking, instead of the one getting cucked.

But today is not that day!

How can you blame us for volunteering Chris to get teased and cucked in episodes like this, when he's such a horndog and having to sit back and watch two people do things he doesn't get to do drives him nuts? It's just too hot! Of all the guys at CF, Chris is the one who'll ask for a waitress' number when we're out to dinner, get off the plane as he arrives in town to film with the number of a girl he met at the airport, and hungrily swallow another CF stud's cock just as eagerly as he hits on the ladies. It makes him perfect in these cucking videos as he's bouncing off the walls and will do anything the couple in the video ask of him if it just means he finally gets to join in.

In the case of the action here, Dallen makes sure to ask (or tell, really) Chris to plant his lips around Dallen's cock to get it lubed up for some fucking. Chris looks right at home offering up his mouth for Dallen before throwing his legs in the air to offer up his hole as well - both of which Dallen is more than happy to take full advantage of!

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