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Brother Crush - First Time Sharing A Bed - Jack Bailey & Damian Rose

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Jack’s room is under renovation, and while the paint dries, he’ll need to share a bed with his stepbrother, Damian. The issue is that Damian has never shared a bed before, and he knows Jack will disturb his sleep with his antics. Still, he can’t just deny his stepbrother and push him away. Things get weird when Jack wakes up to Damian stroking his own cock. Damian explains it’s a presleep ritual and that it’s the best. Jack is intrigued and wants to learn. The stepsiblings stroke each other’s dicks, and it’s clear they’re both getting turned on. They take a leap forward and start sucking each other off. It’s Jack’s first time having a cock in his mouth, but it feels so right, especially with his stepbrother - the familiarity of Damian makes it all the more sexy and exciting. Damian tops Jack and fills up his tight hole with a hot, sticky load that he’s been holding in. Next, it’s Jack’s turn to top. He’s already tired, but the sex is too good to stop, and he wants to show Damian how much he means to him by fucking him hard and giving him a load, too!

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